Yoga Instructors In Mumbai

Why choose a Yoga instructor at home?

With the rising stress levels and difficulty in time management we usually ignore our health. We have legit reasons at times to miss our yoga class. So to make it easier and accessible to the people of Mumbai we brought our new launch. 


All you have to do is set aside a suitable time for the class and our instructors will be there to help you and make your health goals achievable and life easier. We have experienced trainers with us and some who are Physiotherapists+ Yoga instructors.

Why hire personal Yoga instructors?

Learning yoga at the beginners level is easy in a class full of yoga students. But as you reach a little difficult level of doing yoga it is difficult as personal attention is required. You can make mistakes and learn more freely.  It is also safe if done yoga under guidance to guide you through the poses to avoid any mistakes and hurt your self.

What are the charges per hour for personal yoga instructors?

It ranges from 650- 1500 per hour all over Mumbai.

Why do yoga?

If we look at our lifestyle we have hours of sitting, working on laptops which leads to various health issues such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain. If we paid attention to our posture and made our muscles stronger before we reach to that degenaration or wear and tear of the joints we can avoid tons of medical expenses a later. We also train our mind to be calmer and handle our day to day challenges more efficiently. 

Meditation Teachers: 

At MUMBAIPHYSIOS we have teachers who teach meditation to help you cope up with  our life better . Meditation also helps us be efficient at our job and helps us make our mind clear and think with clarity.

We offer meditation classes at home and online too. 

Give us a call at +919082137433  or WhatsApp us on the same number and book your appointment today. 

Thank you.